Transformational Coaching Experience

If you want something different than what you've had before - a bigger breakthrough in your business, a healed relationship with a loved one, improved confidence and focus, a clear mind, or inner peace - you have to take a different approach than you've taken in the past. 

Over the course of 12-weeks, Kandis will help you discover and transform the mental and emotional blocks that have been preventing you from getting everything you desire in all areas of your life. 

With the right approach, you truly can have it all.

Who is this for?

Who is This For?

The following are general descriptions to help you understand some of the various I tackle with my clients. If you're looking for assistance with something that you don't specifically see here - no problem. It's very possible I can still help! Just contact me and let me know what you need!

Something's Missing

You've achieved success in your life in one or more areas, but you're still struggling with achieving success and/or fulfillment in all areas. 

Perhaps you want to reach that next big breakthrough in business, change your career,  follow that dream you've been dreaming for so long, or finally mend that difficult relationship you've never been able to sort out. 

It's also possible you've achieved everything you've dreamed of so far - but yet, something still seems to be missing. You find yourself wondering, "Is this really all there is?" 

Challenging Life Situations

You're going a life situation that feels really difficult and you're unsure how to handle it/overcome it so you can get back to being happy. 

This could include a relationship breakup, loss of your job or a major health diagnosis of yourself or a loved one - among many other things.

You may be finding it difficult to accept the situation and/or move on.



Negative Thought Spirals

You often find yourself lost in thoughts of stress, worry, anxiety, regret, self-doubt, anger, overwhelm and/or sadness. 

Being by yourself can feel difficult sometimes because of all the negative thoughts in your head. You may look for distractions such as meaningless work, scrolling social media, over indulging in food, alcohol or other 'recreational' drugs.

You want nothing more than to 'feel good', you're just not sure how to do that.

About KJ's Methodology
"My life seems to be falling into place, things are happening. Things are moving along, I’m not staying stagnant like I was for such a long time."

- Candice Jenson, South Africa

"In just a few sessions I've been able to see changes in myself and my life in ways I wasn't able to in over a year with my therapist!"

- Jason Rucker, Canada

"Kandis has helped provide tangible techniques I can use to challenge, change and shift thoughts/beliefs that aren't serving me both personally and professionally."

- Corey Pollard, USA

"On the days when I doubt myself, I have so many powerful resources. It really is a life-changing program and I feel incredibly blessed to have the experience to work with Kandis!”

- Janine Dowdell, Australia

I’m excited again. I feel like I’m myself again, and I’m very positive and optimistic again. That’s something that was kind of left behind and now I feel like I have it again in my life.

- Brenda Jacobs, Peru

Ready to Transform Your Life?


The 12-Week Transformational Coaching Package includes 12 one-on-one sessions with Kandis, hosted over Zoom, weekly for 12 weeks. Additional videos and resources will be provided as needed. Investment: $3497

If you're interested in working together, it starts with a discovery call. This is NOT a sales call. This is a conversation between you and I to see if KJ's methodology and coaching is the right fit to get you to that next level in all areas of your life.

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