Achieve Success and Fulfillment in All Areas of Life

Kandis' proprietary coaching method combines neuroscience, subconscious reprogramming and ancient wisdom practices for a holistic approach to building resilience, overcoming subconscious blocks, and learning to trust your inner and outer wisdom so you can move confidently towards your highest potential, quickly.



Kandis operates from the belief that "success" means achieving everything and anything you want in life. 

For some, "success" is directly related to a good income. For others, "success" is creating a family. 

No matter what "success" means to you, this methodology will help you get there. 

And most importantly, it will help you feel fulfilled in all areas of life. 



Fulfillment is a feeling of happiness and satisfaction. A feeling of contentment.

No matter what level of "success" you have, it's important to also feel fulfilled. In all areas of your life - from business to personal relationships and beyond.

Kandis will help you uncover the subconscious blocks that are keeping you from achieving success and fulfillment in all areas. Because you really can have it all. 

KJ's Methodology Breakdown

A unique combination of neuroscience, subconscious reprogramming and ancient wisdom practices is the fastest way to achieve your highest potential.

In all areas of life.


Neuroscience (aka Brain Science)

Understanding how the brain works - and how we can work with the brain - is a key factor in making positive change in all areas of your life. It was once thought that when a person’s brain reaches a certain age, new growth and neural connections were impossible to achieve. Think of the phrase, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” We now know that’s not true. Using evidence based tools rooted in neuroscience, we will literally rewire your brain to release unhelpful thought loops such as worry, doubt, anxiety, fear and even anger - while increasing the brain’s capacity for resilience, focus, motivation and stress regulation. You will experience a greater capacity to stay calm amid chaos and maintain a sense of joy each and every day.

Subconscious Reprogramming

We can’t change the past. But we CAN learn from it. And we CAN let it go. The subconscious mind is a part of the mind of which one is not fully aware of but which influences one's actions and feelings. In other words, your subconscious mind is ruling the way you feel and behave in the present, based on what you’ve felt, done or experienced in your past. Almost all of your recurring behavioral patterns and fears, insecurities, worry, anger and/or anxiety stem from an experience in your past that your subconscious has unknowingly held onto. These are called subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs. Using Neuro Linguistic Programming, we will uncover, release and transform the blocks that have been holding you back from your greatest success and potential in life. 


Ancient Wisdom

Our body is not just a tool for us to use to get stuff done. Our body is an information-filled motherboard more impressive than any computer ever built. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t taught how to tap into the wisdom that our body holds for us. Emotions are one way that our body communicates with us. Another way is through disease or pain. When we don’t know how to receive the body’s communications as valuable information, people often resort to pushing our emotions aside, or taking pain pills, drinking alcohol, eating when we're not hungry or even scrolling social media to mask the pain. By doing so, we are blocking out some of the most powerful wisdom that we can operate from. When we learn how to receive these messages clearly, you'll be amazed at how quickly your life will change for the better.


Business Strategy (for those who need it)

As entrepreneurs, the core of who you currently are - your beliefs, blocks, behavioral patterns and thoughts - are part of who you are as a business owner too - and are blocking you from achieving your highest level of business success. Combining neuroscience, subconscious reprogramming and ancient wisdom practices with business strategy is the surefire way to ensure that your success in all areas truly is inevitable. As we release your subconscious blocks and create new conscious ways of being and performing, you’ll see more clarity, structure, flow, revenue and fulfillment in your business too.


Kandis will help you combine all three (or four) of these modalities to create life-changing breakthroughs. 

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