GET OUTTA YOUR HEAD and into your life

Kandis takes you on a journey as she leaves her dead-end job and unfulfilling life to travel the world and explore new people, cultures, and experiences while learning what it takes to create a life you truly love from the inside out.

In this part-memoir, part-actionable personal development book, Kandis shares her experiences and knowledge in a way that simultaneously entertains and teaches you – the reader – how to make lasting changes in your life so you too can create a life filled with joy, happiness, and success – no matter what is going on around you.

It’s time to stop settling for less. It’s time to realize that only YOU have the power to create a life you love.

In this book Kandis will: 

  • Hand you the exact tools she used to go from feeling ‘stuck’ in life to feeling joyful, fulfilled, and passionate each day
  • Show you how to create more freedom and choice in your life
  • Help you quiet your inner critic and ease the stress, worry, overthinking, anxiety, self-doubt and fear that lives in your head – so you can finally do the things in life you’ve been dreaming of
  • Teach you how to use your mind – instead of your mind using you

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With its focus on personal choice, this book will give readers the nudge/kick/shove/push/validation/hope to grab their life and figure out how to survive and thrive despite what's going on around the world.

Mary A. Metcalfe, Author/Editor and Lifelong 'Work in Progress’

This book is full of scientific explanation about how the mind works that is relatable, useful and fascinating. It really helps you understand your own mind and how it is working for you or against you. As you read through it, you start seeing examples in your daily life corresponding to the learnings from the book that you can immediately apply.

Sean, Software Engineer

I wanted to let you know that I just finished your book and LOVED it so much. It is one of my favourite ‘self-help’ books now and I know I’ll read it again. I’m going to be 59 in August, and it’s time for me to live my best life. You are changing lives!! Thank you.

Margaret, Retired Nurse

This book is empowering and a literary kaleidoscope of emotions, compelling the reader to look further into themselves and their surroundings for the answer that lies within. It is an amazing and immersive look at a young woman’s journey into the wild, emerging with life lessons and heartfelt raw emotion that will leave all who encounter its pages a changed human for the better.

Jeff, Health & Safety Officer, Father

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