Hi, I'm Kandis!


I'm a Success & Resilience Coach.

Which means I have the honour of spending my days helping people just like you, get through all of life's challenges with more ease.

Every day we are met with challenges - from a rude barista or colleague to coping with health challenges or even the state of the world. 

We can't always change what goes on in the world around us. But we can change how we respond to it all. We can change how it affects us. 

If you're like most of my clients, you've got an endless loop of worry, anxiety, self-doubt, regret, anger, and/or fear running through your mind on an almost constant basis.

Using applied mindfulness and subconscious reprogramming, I can help you recognize your personal Mind Traps and subconscious programming that keeps you stuck in stress, overwhelm, anxiety, fear, etc. - and learn how to change it - to increase joy, peace of mind and inner calm without pretending everything's fine, ignoring your emotions, or distracting yourself with meaningless tasks.

There was a time in my life, soon after college, when the constant loop of insecurities, worry, anxiety and fear that played out in my mind led me to drown out the noise the only way I knew how - gossip (drama), parties and way too much alcohol and drugs. 

Life felt exhausting and overwhelming. And I was not physically or mentally healthy.

My work was suffering, my relationships were strained, my social life was dwindling, but most of all... I felt defeated, tired, overwhelmed, anxious, angry and ready to 'give up' on pretty much everything.

Thankfully, I was introduced to the simple (not easy) practice of ‘staying present’. Although I didn’t get the hang of it right away, I understood its potential to change my life.

Since then, I've devoted the past 13 years to learning this tool as deeply as I can - not only to vastly improve my own life, but to help others improve their lives too. 

These tools have helped me improve difficult relationships with family, handle conflict calmly, set and stick to positive boundaries, recognize and stand up for my worth which results in a higher income and improved career that aligns with my deepest values and brings me joy, get off the emotional roller coaster of ups and downs and experience long periods of calm, peace of mind and emotional stability and more.

 I knew these practices were powerful, but their true power became evident when I was diagnosed with a life-changing disease in August 2022 and instead of being whisked away into the fear of now having to quite literally monitor my health 24/7 to keep myself alive, I was able to accept the diagnosis and move into healing with ease and grace.

From waking up late and spilling my coffee, to remaining calm and peaceful through world crises and my own health diagnosis - these tools can help you overcome every challenge life brings your way with more ease. 

We can literally rewire our brain so that those tiring thoughts of worry, fear, anger, regret, etc. no longer make our days more difficult than they need to be - and we can create inner peace and FEEL GOOD every day no matter what is going on in the world around you.

Host of The YOLO Revolution Podcast

 If you're ready to transform your life to live with purpose, to experience more joy, to follow your dreams and finally do what you've been waiting for some day or one day to do - then you're in the right place.

Consider this your *warning* that You Only Live Once. The time to create your best life is NOW.

Join me to discover how to reprogram your subconscious and harness the power of your mind so that anything you dream in life can become your reality.

Welcome to the Yolo revolution.


How Kandis Helped Her Students

I’m excited again. I feel like I’m myself again, and I’m very positive and optimistic again. That’s something that was kind of left behind and now I feel like I have it again in my life.

—Brenda Jacobs, Peru

I was stuck and this program unstuck me. I can truly say I am now living my dream i n reality. And I'm not finished. This program is something you take with you every day of your life. The skills are priceless. Thank you Kandis, for helping me transform my life.

—Reet German, Canada

My life seems to be falling into place, things are happening. Things are moving along, I’m not staying stagnant and in that black hole that I felt I was in for such a long time.

—Candice, South Africa

"Since doing the program I know that I am so much more than just a wife, mother and counsellor. I now see myself as a mentor, guide and leader to other women. 
On the days when I doubt myself, I have so many powerful resources. It really is a life-changing program and I feel incredibly blessed to have the experience to work with Kandis!”

—Janine, Australia

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