Episode 14: You Always Were... a UNICORN

Mar 14, 2022

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Have you ever felt like the odd one out?

Like the odd ball in your family, group of friends or around your colleagues?

Questioned whether you actually fit in? 

Perhaps felt like the proverbial Black Sheep amongst a flock of white sheep? 

Well I’ve got news for you… 


You’re not odd, you DO fit in, and you’re NO black sheep… You’re a Mother Bleepin’ UNICORN!!!


And you always were.


In this podcast episode I had the honour and privilege to host my dear friend Akeisha DeBaat, owner and founder of the brand new clothing line, You Always Were

Akeisha and I go waaaaay back to January 2019 where we met at a Business By Design event in Laguna Beach, California and formed an instant energetic connection. Since then we have worked together in many capacities, including ME being asked to be the ARTIST for this brand new design that she has just released. 

Talk about making two dreams come true at once! 


In this episode, you’ll hear us chatting about:

  • How to stay happy and motivated especially on the days when things don’t seem to be going your way.
  • The benefits of a constructive breakdown
  • What it means to be the UNICORN instead of the black sheep
  • The story behind the clothing creation and our collaboration
  • How to tap into CHOICE to create your best life
  • The limitless possibilities that we all hold at our fingertips

This podcast episode is extra special because while we are most definitely celebrating Akeisha’s next big venture… we are ALSO celebrating mine! She reached out to me just 7 weeks after I declared to the universe that I wanted to be a PAID ARTIST. And BOOM it happened. 

So this episode is truly about the power of possibility, manifestation, clarity and abundance. 


And then let us know what you think on the instagrams:





💖 Love to all my unicorns out there…. 


Until next time… PEACE






Learn More about how to have a constructive breakdown in this past podcast episode: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/the-yolo-revolution/id1535363783?i=1000506134512


More from Akeisha:


IG: @youalwayswere_clothing

For more discovering and to connect Personal IG @akeishadb


Let me know your takeaways from this episode on instagram @KandisJames.KJ



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