Reach Your Potential with One-on-One Coaching

No matter where you’re at in your life, it all becomes easier when you've got your own personal coach helping you uncover the blind spots in your life or biz that are unknowingly holding you back!  


Uncover what's Holding You Back

We all have them.

Blindspots, that is.

The things that are keeping us from getting where we want in life or in business because we don’t know what we don’t know, and we can’t see what we can’t see, right?

We are often so deep into our own life, relationships, or business that it’s difficult to see the whole picture. With an outside perspective you can finally bring awareness to the things that have been holding you back, and ultimately achieve new levels of success, joy, and peace in your life.

And so the next most obvious question becomes… which area(s) of your life can I help you take to the next level?


Transform Your Business

Feel like no matter how hard you work, you're not seeing the level of results you desire? 

Ready to take your business to the next level? 

Kandis is a business-marketing graduate and has been working in the field of digital marketing for global companies since 2011. In addition to private coaching, she's also been a business and mindset coach in James Wedmore's Next Level program since 2019. Kandis brings her wealth of knowledge about digital biz and marketing, combined with NLP and mindfulness-based coaching to help you uncover your blindspots and step into the person you need to be get the results you want in business (and in life).


Transform Your Life

Do you feel stuck in overthinking, worry, self-doubt, indecision, anxiety, worry, doubt, guilt or shame? 

Have you been through a major life change that you’re having difficulty coming to terms with or getting over? 

Know that you've got blocks holding you back, but unsure what they are or how to remove them?

Kandis draws on her certifications in Specialized Applications of Mindfulness Meditation, Life Coaching, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), along with her training from her own coaches and mentors to create a customized coaching experience to help you break through the barriers that are currently holding you back in life, and provide you with the tools you need to create and live your best life.


The Coaching Experience


Whatever you desire in life becomes possible when you uncover your blind spots, get rid of limiting beliefs you didn’t even know you had, and when you have the support and guidance of Kandis in your corner.

Together you will:

  • Set measurable and achievable outcomes
  • Use a holistic approach to remove blocks and limiting beliefs
  • Create a healthy, peaceful & positive mindset
  • Increase your presence, focus and joy so you can achieve the highest level of success in your life
  • Have lots of laughs in the process (laughing is Kandis' favourite pastime) 

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Are you a Good Fit for Coaching with Kandis?

What peeps are saying...

Chrissy Ajisafe

Transformation Coach and Creator of The Lovefull Eating Method


Kandis is UNBELIEVABLE!! Just wow. Kandis somehow manages to make my perceived problems seem so simple. She reminds me (without being a cheerleader but simply by asking amazing questions) how powerful I actually am.

We’ve had those conversations where I left just gobsmacked- HOW DID I MISS THAT?! But of course that’s why I went to Kandis in the first place, so she could bring to light my blind spots. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried and I’ve just in general been amazed in my time with Kandis.

The best advice I have for you, only if you’re ready to change your life, of course... is RUN, don’t walk - straight to her.

I promise - she can help you.

Elizabeth Ralph

FI/RE Master and Host of the Spiritual Investor Podcast


Every time I meet with Kandis I leave feeling stronger. She doesn’t push you, but it will feel like she’s pushing you. But what’s really happening is, she’s the warrior that walks in front and kicks down the gates on your behalf. But often they are the gates the surface part of you wants to remain closed. But that deeper part of you is always seeking more. So get ready to meet with what you didn’t know existed before.


Father, Fireman, Outdoorsman, and Veteran


In just a few sessions with Kandis, I was able to see changes in myself and my life in ways I wasn't able to in over a year with my therapist.

I had recently gone through an intense divorce and felt like I was losing who I was. I was yelling at my kids, and was generally not in a good space. Kandis provided practical tools that I could use to regain my sense of self and feel better quickly. 

Dana Evans

Inner Voice Facilitator, Coach and Host of the Tuning In Podcast


Kandis is a coaching wizard! She has a keen bullshit detector and pulls out limiting beliefs like weeds. Each time I work with Kandis, she helps me see myself more clearly - reflecting back the words and thoughts that are just under the surface.  

Anyone who spends time with Kandis can see that she is a NATURAL coach - she listens actively, reads between the lines and challenges you to see things through a different lens. She will not put up with self-limiting stories and will constantly challenge you to get out of your head. Kandis will help you gain clarity on the next best step - all while being hilarious and direct. 

I am beyond grateful to work with Kandis - each conversation leads to new levels of self-awareness and action steps that wouldn’t be possible without her coaching. 

Reet & Bay German

Adventurers, Parents, & Husband and Wife of 8 years


When we started working with Kandis, our busy schedules were causing us to drift apart. After 8 weeks with Kandis, we were communicating better than we had in years, laughing and enjoying time together again, and all around found a new sense of love and joy within ourselves and in our relationship.

Since then, we've both worked with Kandis in various ways, both one-on-one and in group programs. She has helped us make massive changes in our life that have allowed us to finally feel like we're living our lives for US instead of everyone else. She has given us the skills and coping tools to help us for the rest of our lives. 

Marriage is a lifelong journey.  We are constantly learning, changing and growing both in our marriage and lives. Kandis has shown us that will continue for the rest of our lives and its how we embrace it and live our best lives intentionally in the moment that is true happiness.  

We recommend Kandis to anyone going through tough times whether with marriage, family relationships, career, self-worth or just feeling lost in life, not having a purpose. Thank you Kandis, we are truly grateful for your help.