Episode 12: The Connection between FREEDOM and HAPPINESS

Feb 15, 2022

Have you ever waited so long for something in your life to happen - and then when it finally did, it wasn’t anything like you expected it would be?

Did you think that x, y or z would make you happy… But it never did?

Did you ever yearn to be FREE of someone or something (a job, place, house) so that you could FINALLY be happy, or do that thing you always wanted? But then... when you WERE free of that someone or something... you still didn't get what you'd been dreaming of?

In today’s episode we’re talking about what it actually means to be FREE to create a life you love - a life of joy, freedom, love and excitement.

We're talking about the important question: What does it take to actually be happy in life?

In this episode we will discuss:

• How to overcome the fear of judgement so you can do what you really want

• The importance of standing up for yourself, your beliefs, and what you want in this life

• How to finally be YOU in every sense of the word

• What it means to have freedom FOR instead of FROM  (key point to creating your best life)

• Plus, the meaning behind my “freedom” tattoo on my hand.

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