Episode 1 : What the F* is the YOLO Revolution?

Nov 30, 2021

Welcome to the YOLO Revolution Podcast! 

Before we begin… Ask yourself, “If today was the last day before you die, would you be okay with that?”

Have you done all the things you've wanted? 

Or are you still waiting for someday or one day to do that thing - change your job, start a business, go back to school, move, travel, tell that person how you feel? Are you still waiting for one day or someday to finally feel happy and joyful each and every day? 

You only live once. 

Do you want to get to the end of your life never having done what you truly desire? Never having become your greatest self? Felt your own worth and purpose from the inside out? Creating joy on demand each and every day?

You only live once. 

It’s a statement you might have heard before. And it’s true. 

We don’t know what happens when we die. Tomorrow may never come. Right now - this present moment - is all we have control over.

If you continue to push your dreams and desires aside, there may never be a time to make them a reality.

Right NOW is the time to start making a change. It is never too late. 

So join me inside this podcast as we talk about:

  • How living your life knowing you can die at any moment is the number one way to create your best life.
  • Steps you can take to start creating your own best life today.
  • The opportunity and possibility waiting around the corner for you when you learn how to find it.

Don’t miss this episode - the quality of your life quite literally depends on it ;)
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