Episode 48 - How to Control Your Thoughts

May 08, 2023

Have you ever said something in an emotional state that you regretted later? 

Do you find yourself having intrusive thoughts when you feel angry, frustrated or sad? 

If you said yes, don’t worry - it just means you’re human :) 

However, there IS a way that you can WATCH those thoughts WITHOUT becoming attached to them, or acting on them. 

And I promise you - it’s a life changer! 

We are not our thoughts. Our thoughts are not us. And our thoughts are most often, not even true.

In this episode I discuss:

  • A challenging situation I recently went through where I almost reacted in a negative manner to my thoughts,
  • What I learned from that experience
  • Some tips for YOU to keep yourself from saying thing and behaving in ways while in an emotional state that you’ll regret later. 
  • How to become a watcher of your thoughts, instead of reacting to them.

Thanks for being here. 

Xo, Kandis





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