Episode 45 - Why do we fear change? (even when we know it will make life better?)

Apr 13, 2023

Humans are funny creatures, in that we often know that change is NEEDED in our life...  yet we are too scared to actually make the change.  In some cases, we are not even conscious that we're too afraid, we just come up with a ton of excuses why it's not possible. 

  • Have you ever stayed in a painful romantic relationship longer than you should have, because you were afraid of what life MIGHT look like when you left? 
  • Have you ever stayed at a job that was crushing your soul, just because you were scared you wouldn't be able to find something else? 
  • Have you ever avoided a difficult situation with someone, because you were scared how it would make them feel? But then NOT having that conversation has made the relationship worse? 

Change, whatever that may look like in that moment, is often the only way to really make life better - and yet, so many of us never actually make that change. 

In Today's episode, we discuss: 

  • The neuroscientific reason that we fear change (even when we know it's good for us) 
  • How your subconscious mind thinks it's keeping you "Safe" when it's actually keeping you "stuck" 
  • How to move more confidently through change and actually accept it and learn to appreciate it

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