Episode 21: Powerful Lessons from 2022

Jan 25, 2023

It’s that time of year again, to reflect back on the previous year, and wow - what a doozie! 

My third near-death experience, among other things, have given me a lot to reflect on this past year. It taught me some incredible lessons and pushed me towards a path in life that finally feels truly authentic. 

I’ve lost friends, I’ve gained friends. I’ve learned how to deal with a life-threatening long-term health diagnosis. I’ve been reminded time and time again of the power of the tools I teach to my clients (and use myself) when it comes to getting through challenging times. But most of all, I’ve gained clarity on what’s truly important in life. 

As I’m sharing these lessons that I’ve learned, I’m asking you to reflect on how these lessons can be used in your life too. That is why I’m sharing them, after all. Because through shared experiences we can grow ourselves, too. 

So please, as you’re listening and reflecting on how these lessons can be your lessons too, find me on Instagram and let me know what resonates most with you. Which lessons did you need to hear today? @kandisjames.kj

CTA: Listen Now

My Life Lessons from 2022:

  1. Life doesn’t always go as planned
  2. Things could always be worse
  3. Your mind is truly a powerful tool
  4. Always listen to your inner wisdom
  5. Ask for help

Of course, I go into much more detail about each one inside the podcast. 

AND I share a poem I wrote right after getting out of the hospital this past August. #vulnerablemoment

Thanks for being here - I look forward to hearing your takeaways over on Instagram @KandisJames.KJ

Xo, Kandis

P.S. For those of you that notice these types of things, YES I did say in the intro of the podcast that there would be 6 lessons, and then only shared 5. Apologies in advance for confusing your brain :) 


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