Episode 17: I Almost Died (Again) and This is What I Learned

Sep 07, 2022

August 13, 2022 is a day I’ll always remember. 

Around 3:30am, I called 911 and ordered an ambulance to my house. A couple hours later I was riding a thin line between life and death. I spent many hours in the emergency room followed by days in the ICU before being released from the hospital with a diagnosis that meant my life would quite literally never be the same. 

Now, three weeks later I reflect on everything that happened and the lessons I’ve learned that will not only help ME live my own best life… but that can help YOU do the same. 

I’d love to hear what comes up for you as you listen to these life lessons and how they relate to where you’re at in life right now. Hit me up on Instagram @KandisJames.KJ and let me know! 

NOTE: For anyone triggered by talking about illness, hospitals or symptoms, you can skip forward to 11:22 to hear the outcome (spoiler alert: I'm alive!) and the lessons that have come up so far.

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