Episode 16: Accept it as if You'd Chosen It

Mar 21, 2022

So, today my car got broken into. And by broken into I mean someone cute the soft top of my convertible. 

Within a few minutes I felt a rainbow of emotions from anger to compassion.

And then I chose which emotion I was going to bring with me into the rest of the day. And I chose compassion and gratitude. 

Some people told me I should be angry. Some other people I spoke to were angrier about it than I was. 

I wasn’t happy that it happened… I love that car. But I also chose to accept it as if I’d chosen it. And that made all the difference.

In this episode, I’ll discuss with you:

• The key to accepting negative situations as if you’d chosen them (so you can get over them faster)

• How I was able to bring my emotional state back to the calm (despite knowing a large bill $$ was coming my way to fix the damage)

• How I use the 6 Mind Traps to assess the situation and move on quickly

• Ways that you too can learn to cope with negative life events with more ease



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See you soon!

Xo, Kandis

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