Episode 15: You're ALWAYS Receiving Intuition - But do you know how to Receive It?

Apr 05, 2022

HOLY WOW - In this episode, I got an intuitive reading from Jen Conger - where she tapped into one of my past lives where I was a map maker in 1800s London.

If this sounds exciting - LISTEN NOW.

If this sounds WEIRD - Listen Now. 


Years ago Jen offered to read cards for me and a group of our friends/coaching colleagues. She was able to bring me the confidence, guidance and direction I needed to move forward in my biz in a way that felt exciting and light - and this reading is what got me actually writing my book (instead of just thinking about writing it). 


Jen is incredibly gifted, and you won’t fully understand the power of what she does until you listen to her speak, and give me a reading live on the show! 

Plus, during this epic conversation, Jen shares with us: 

• The importance of intuition when it comes to creating your dream life or business

• How you’re always receiving intuition - but most people don’t know how to use it

• Ways you can tap into your intuition NOW

• The power of intuition when it comes to all areas of your life - but particularly when uncovering your purpose & living your dreams 

THEN, take a screenshot of you listening to this podcast, post it on Instagram and tag Jen and I to let us know your thoughts and takeaways after listening. @jenconger  @kandisjames.kj

ALSO, snag your spot in Jen’s FREE 3-day challenge, Awaken Your Biz to awaken to your next level of intuition, abundance and purpose. APRIL 13 - 15, 2022 


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