Episode 11: How You're Being Affected by the Global Energy Rising

Feb 09, 2022

It was so unlike me...

​​When I looked through my list that I keep of potential podcast episodes to record an episode last week, not one of the 25 ideas I keep in a notepad sparked even the tiniest bit of joy or interest in me.

Part of me just wanted to go to bed.

I was feeling tired, lacking energy, hopeful yet apprehensive about the future at the same time.

And I thought… there are probably a lot of people who have also felt this way over the last two years.

So instead of going to bed, I decided to record a podcast about:

• How we are affected by the global collective energy

• Why so many of us have been feeling uninspired, uncreative, and unable to focus

• What to do when we recognize that we are being affected

• How to recreate a more helpful or useful energy instead

• How we can approach and deal with those around who do not share our views

• Ways to encourage peace and unity instead of hate, fear and division

Make sure you tag me @KandisJames.kj and let me know what you thought about this episode. 

NOTES on what's mentioned in the episode:

Dr. Dan Siegel Book Title - "AWARE"

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Until next time… PEACE.  Always.


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