Episode 10: Setting Yourself up for Success in Life with Kimi Morton

Jan 31, 2022

Today, we are joined by my dear friend, fellow coach Kimi Morton.

We are going to be talking about so many things about how you can grab onto life and live your most badass life.

Kimi actually mentions that she was worried she was going to have a too much sharing hangover. We got into the nitty gritties -  the deep and dirty - we talked about all of our major pain points in life and how she was able to get through those, and some tips and tricks for all of you to get over life's hurdles and painful moments to come out the other side laughing and smiling, living your best life.

In the episode we talk about:
• What does it mean to live your best life?
• How to know when a relationship is no longer serving you
• The importance of slowing down in life to speed up your success
• Using feedback as a catalyst for change
• How to say YES to yourself without worrying about pleasing everyone else
• Confidence and badassery to live your best life

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