S01-Ep18: I am ME - for the first time in my life - On becoming self-confident with Brenda Jacobs

Jul 05, 2021

Do you frequently think about your purpose in life?

Are you feeling overwhelmed because everyone else seems to have their whole life figured out, and you don’t?

Are you often stressed out pursuing things that you’re supposed to do, and not those that will make you happier?

You’re not alone.

One year ago, Brenda reached out to me, crying, feeling stuck, helpless, and unfulfilled with so much going on in her head - so lost as to where to go next. 

And today, Brenda will be joining us for this special two-part podcast series where she will be taking us on a journey to how she found her own purpose in life. 

Join us as we look back on how she went from insecure and unsure to confident and moving towards her dreams each day. Listen as she tells how she started living a life that lights her up from the inside, creating major life changes, and what has transpired for her for during the past twelve months  after participating in the Live Your Dreams program.

Today’s episode highlights

  • My guest will talk about what can be possible for you when you have the tools and know the right steps to take that action and finally live your dreams
  • How Brenda discovered her purpose in life
  • The biggest takeaways from Live Your Dreams that will show you what can become possible for YOU too!

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