S01-Ep17: From 'People-Pleaser' to Living Life on Her Own Terms - with Reet German

Jun 29, 2021

Are you ready to....

Getting inspired?

Learn what it actually takes to create a life you love?

Take action toward creating your best life?

In this special two-part series we will be hearing some amazing stories from these incredible people who were once trapped and feeling stuck in their life, and learn how they turned their life around to finally live the life they’d been dreaming of.

Joining me in this episode is one of my students from the Live Your Dreams program.

1 year after Reet took part in Live Your Dreams, we’re catching up live this podcast episode where Reet will take you on her journey from feeling stuck, overwhelmed and ultimately living life through a foggy lens of negative emotions on many days, to feeling full of joy, purpose and fulfillment.


Today’s episode highlights

  • My guest will walk you through the incredible transformation she experienced in just a few weeks inside Live Your Dreams to go from people pleaser to living her best life on her own terms.
  • We’ll learn what has shifted for her to finally allow her to shine as her true self and radiate a confidence she previously didn’t know existed for her.
  • How Reet completely changed her life in just 6 weeks - including a move across the country with her and her family.
  • The biggest takeaways from Live Your Dreams that will show you what can become possible for YOU too!


If you need some motivation, or if you feel like you’re stuck in your comfort zone, or unsure where to go next in life, then this episode is the wakeup call for you.


On that note, I’ll leave you with a quote from former student and Live Your Dreams alumni, Reet German.

“When you’re feeling stuck, don’t stay stuck... ask for help.”


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