Building Resilience: Techniques to Overcome Obstacles in Life

May 01, 2023
resilience the key to enjoy life


Building Resilience: Techniques to Overcome Obstacles in Life

In this episode of the podcast, Kandis talks about resilience - the ability to bounce back from life's challenges quickly and effectively without causing downtime or internal distress. She shares key insights and personal experiences related to resilience that can help us become more resilient and perform effectively, both in our personal and professional lives.

Everyone faces challenges every day, big or small, and these challenges can cause stress and frustration, to say the least. But by developing resilience, we can learn to face these challenges and obstacles with confidence, overcome them quickly, and grow from them.

Kandis shares personal experiences where she faced a variety of different challenges and how these events took her down a path of applied mindfulness and neurolinguistic programming to help herself deal with, overcome and grow from these experiences. And now she helps her clients do the same.

Resilience involves more than just confronting extreme adversity. It also includes facing everyday challenges with courage, staying positive, and being able to manage stress effectively. This allows us to go after what we want in life, be successful in our endeavours and even build better, stronger relationships as we come to terms with our own emotions and growth in the process. 

By learning how to regulate our emotions, we can be in a better position to respond to adversity and uncertainty without being overwhelmed. When we are less overwhelmed - no matter how large the adversity - our brain is able to function more effectively to choose the optimal path forward. 

Ultimately, Kandis notes that resilience is the most important skill to learn in life.

Kandis encourages listeners to reflect on their own experiences and start taking small steps towards building resilience. And by practicing resilience and staying focused on our goals, we can overcome any obstacle and create the life we desire.

Are you ready to increase your resilience and build a life you love?


Host Note: As always, thanks for being here! xo, Kandis

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