Your MIND is the #1 Thing Holding You Back from Everything You Want in Life

Did you know that the average person has around 60,000 thoughts per day?


And that 80% of those are negative?


For most people, this results in an endless loop of worry, anxiety, self-doubt, fear, anger, disappointment, regret, stress and/or sadness. 


Using applied mindfulness and subconscious reprogramming, you can change all of that. 

I can show you how. 

I want to know how!

Which of the following describes you best?


1) You feel overwhelmed by all of the worry, anxiety, fear, self-doubt, anger, regret, and/or sadness that constantly play out in your mind - and you just want it to stop so you can finally feel happy, confident and enthusiastic about life.

2) You’ve recently been given some devastating/life-changing news and you want to be able to handle it more effectively so you can get out of the thought spirals of despair, self-pity and/or fear about what this means for your future.

3) You're constantly doubting your own abilities, wondering if things will ever really work out, and/or having difficulty focusing on the right steps you need to take to move yourself forward because things always feel so ‘difficult’.

4) You want to stop the negative thought spirals in your mind so you can experience life in a more joyful, fulfilling way.


👉 No matter which one you identify with most, equipping yourself with the tools to control and transform the thoughts in your mind so you can take back control over your mind and handle all of life’s challenges with more ease (a.k.a. building resilience) is the only one way to achieve greater success, better relationships, more fulfilling careers and ultimately make your life better - no matter what challenges life throws (or has thrown) your way.

12-Weeks to Inner Peace


In 12 weeks, you'll work one-on-one with Kandis to put an end to the negative thought spirals that have been keeping you 'stuck', so you can finally live the joyful, abundant and happy life you're meant to live.

Together you will: 

  • Uncover your personal mind traps that have been keeping you 'stuck' and learn how to rewire you brain so it works for you instead of against you
  • Use a holistic approach to remove subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs that have been preventing you from achieving success in all areas of your life
  • Discover how to access inner peace - whenever and wherever you need it most
  • Increase your presence, focus and joy so you can achieve the highest level of success in your life
  • Have lots of laughs in the process (laughing is Kandis' favourite pastime) 

If this sounds like something you need, click the button below to fill out the application form and book a discovery call with Kandis to see how she can help.

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What past clients are saying...

I’m excited again. I feel like I’m myself again, and I’m very positive and optimistic again. That’s something that was kind of left behind and now I feel like I have it again in my life.

—Brenda Jacobs, Peru

I was stuck and this program unstuck me. I can truly say I am now living my dream in reality. And I'm not finished. This program is something you take with you every day of your life. The skills are priceless. Thank you Kandis, for helping me transform my life.

—Reet German, Canada

My life seems to be falling into place, things are happening. Things are moving along, I’m not staying stagnant and in that black hole that I felt I was in for such a long time.

—Candice, South Africa

Corey Pollard

Entrepreneur, marathon runner, wife & mother


When I reached out to Kandis initially, I was generally feeling stressed and anxious all the time in my business (and, at times, personally) and I knew that the way I was showing up wasn't helping me reach the goals I had in my business.

Kandis has helped me reframe so many situations and look deeply at what's going on under the surface. She's given me tools and strategies to shift beliefs and view them in a way that I can recognize those thoughts/beliefs aren't me. She's helped provide tangible techniques I can use to challenge, change and shift thoughts/beliefs that aren't serving me both personally and professionally.

My biggest wins are being able to recognize limiting beliefs more quickly for what they are. I've been able to think about situations from different, more positive perspectives. 

Kandis also helped me step through fear and anxiety around healing relationships that were impacting me personally and recognizing from where so many of my limiting beliefs, behaviors, and ways of approaching life had stemmed. 

I generally feel more in-control of my emotions. I know that I can't control what happens externally, but I definitely have the tools to manage myself more effectively internally. This just generally helps me show up more positively which makes relationships with others and myself so much easier. 

I have learned and grown so much under Kandis' support and am feeling largely confident in my abilities to do what's needed to continue moving the ball forward. I hear Kandis in my brain often and feel confident in the strategies and support she's provided. 

Overall, I LOVE working with Kandis. She has a perfectly equal balance of calling me out on my stuff/pointing out where I need to make shifts and giving me time to reflect on things in order to come to my own conclusions. She is incredibly perceptive to what and how I'm communicating (both verbally and in body language) and picks up on things I didn't even realize were bothering me. She's also fun and someone I feel comfortable sharing anything with.


Father, Fireman, Outdoorsman, and Veteran


In just a few sessions with Kandis, I was able to see changes in myself and my life in ways I wasn't able to in over a year with my therapist.

I had recently gone through an intense divorce and felt like I was losing who I was. I was yelling at my kids, and was generally not in a good space. Kandis provided practical tools that I could use to regain my sense of self and feel better quickly. 

Reet & Bay German

Adventurers, Parents, & Husband and Wife of 8 years


When we started working with Kandis, our busy schedules were causing us to drift apart. After 8 weeks with Kandis, we were communicating better than we had in years, laughing and enjoying time together again, and all around found a new sense of love and joy within ourselves and in our relationship.

Since then, we've both worked with Kandis in various ways, both one-on-one and in group programs. She has helped us make massive changes in our life that have allowed us to finally feel like we're living our lives for US instead of everyone else. She has given us the skills and coping tools to help us for the rest of our lives. 

Marriage is a lifelong journey.  We are constantly learning, changing and growing both in our marriage and lives. Kandis has shown us that will continue for the rest of our lives and its how we embrace it and live our best lives intentionally in the moment that is true happiness.  

We recommend Kandis to anyone going through tough times whether with marriage, family relationships, career, self-worth or just feeling lost in life, not having a purpose. Thank you Kandis, we are truly grateful for your help.

"Since doing the program I know that I am so much more than just a wife, mother and counsellor. I now see myself as a mentor, guide and leader to other women. 
On the days when I doubt myself, I have so many powerful resources. It really is a life-changing program and I feel incredibly blessed to have the experience to work with Kandis!”

—Janine, Australia