We are all faced with challenges each and every day - big or small. When we respond to those challenges the RIGHT way, life becomes infinitely easier. 



• better handle life’s challenges 

• stop your negative thought spirals

• rewire your brain to create inner peace on demand

so you can reach new levels of success, joy and calm - no matter what life throws your way.  



Did you know that the average person has over 60,000 thoughts per day?


And that 80% of those are negative? 


--> For most people, this results in an endless loop of worry, anxiety, self-doubt, fear, anger, disappointment, regret, stress and/or sadness. <--

 Using applied mindfulness and subconscious reprogramming, you can change all of that. 

I can show you how.



Let me guess...

You feel one (or more) of the following ways:

  • You're tired of listening to all the negative thoughts inside your head including constant worry, regret, self-doubt and/or fear about the future
  • You feel like the thoughts in your head are preventing you from living the life you want most - be it happier relationships, a thriving business or simply feeling good each and every day
  • You've recently been given upsetting or life-changing news and you're having a hard time accepting it and moving forward 
  • You envy others who seem to 'have it together' and wish you could get off this roller coaster of thoughts and emotions
  • You want things to change, but you have no idea how to change them
  • Being by yourself can feel difficult because of all the negative thoughts in your head, so you're constantly looking for distractions such as meaningless work, scrolling social media, over indulging in food, alcohol or other 'recreational' drugs
  • You agonize about how you'll ever get to where you want to be in the future
  • You feel a sense of anger and despair because all you want is to 'be happy' or 'feel good', but you have no idea how to get there - or if it's even possible
  • There are parts of your past that feel heavy, difficult or overwhelming. You wish you could 'get over it' - but how?!
  • You have a 'feeling' inside of you that you wish you could just 'get out' but it stays no matter what you do
  • You want nothing more than to just feel good, confident and ready to take on each day

👉 I get it - because I've been there! 


There was a time in my life about 16 years ago, when I couldn't stand listening to the constant loop of thoughts in my head, reminding me of all the things I should have done, what 'bad' things might happen in the future, and even a constant loop of reasons I shouldn't like myself

On the outside, my life seemed great. I had a decent job, I'd just moved into a beautiful new condo downtown and I was out with my friends every weekend.

But the incessant negative chatter in my head would simply never stop.

It was overwhelming. I was exhausted.

One minute I'd have a great idea about a new, exciting life plan, and the next minute I was telling myself all the reasons it would never work, why I was a failure, and why my life was ultimately doomed.


It was around that time that I spilled water on my toilet paper...


I was bawling my eyes out and screaming at my family who was visiting me at my new condo, because water leaked onto a brand new package of toilet paper. It was ruined, and I was devastated.

My Dad kept telling me it was 'okay' and that he'd buy me a new pack. 

"It's not about the toilet paper!" I bawled. 

"Then what is it about?" he asked.

"I don't know!!" I screamed.

And so I just continued to cry... over a bag of soggy toilet paper.

Have you ever felt or behaved in a similar way?

You were upset, but you weren't sure WHY you were THIS upset?


YES, Kandis! Help Me!

It wasn't actually the soggy toilet paper I was upset about... it was just 'the straw that broke the camel's back' 


The ruined toilet paper wasn't actually a big deal. Deep down I knew that 10 bucks could buy me a new pack.

BUT... in the previous two weeks I'd broken up with my partner (who I had been living with) because he was in a secret relationship with another girl - almost everything I knew about him was a lie and I felt like a fool for not seeing it sooner.

So it wasn't the toilet paper that really upset me... it was the constant loop of thoughts that had been playing in my mind for weeks, replaying all the reasons I should feel foolish, sad, rejected, disappointed, worried, stupid and completely overwhelmed with life.

The wet toilet paper? 

That was just 'the straw that broke the camel's back'. 


So, Why Can't We Stop the Negative Thoughts? 

(Especially when we know they're only making things worse?) 


Answer: We're Wired that Way

Our brain has many tasks that it must attend to each day, but ultimately, they're all part of of it's ONE most important job.



And in order to keep us alive, the brain is constantly looking for threats to avoid. This served a great purpose when we were living off the land and physical danger was often imminent. However these days, particularly if you're reading this right now, we spend most of our days amidst physical safety. Yet, because your brain is wired to find threats, it continues to do just that.

 And in our busy modern world, our brains have become workaholics



Because we have less imminent danger, and our brain still wants to do its job well, it focuses instead on perceived threats. This is where thoughts of worry, anxiety, fear, self-doubt, regret, etc., come into play.

Our biggest "threats" have changed from steering clear of the saber-toothed tiger looking to eat us for lunch... to thoughts like, "Can I pay this month's bills?", "Should I have said that thing to that person?", "Does that person think I'm stupid/weird/any other adjective you can think of?", "What will happen if... (insert one of a million possible scenarios)?", "Have I made all the wrong choices in life?", "What if I never get what I truly want in life?", "What if I die soon?", etc., etc., etc. The list of potential negative thought spirals our mind can create is infinite - especially when you add in things like, you know... looming recessions, global health, war and climate crises...

There is no shortage of challenging situations in this life - whether 'real' or 'perceived' - and our brain is literally wired to find them. 

And with Every Perceived Threat, Your Stress Response is Triggered  

Your brain sits alone in a dark room

Your brain is enclosed in your skull. It does not have direct access to the outside world. Rather, it relies on signals sent to it from all of your senses and your thoughts. 


This means that whenever you have a thought about what could happen, your brain perceives it as a threat and triggers your stress response - aka your fight/flight/freeze response. This is a signal to your body that something is wrong. So it releases adrenaline and cortisol to prepare your body for action - to be able to do what it needs to do to keep you alive in the face of danger. 

However, because most of our dangers are ruminating thoughts, they never end. The threat is on a constant loop in your mind, activating your stress response more and more each time. Stress piled on top of stress, piled on top of stress. And because our body has finite energy, every time our stress response is triggered, it needs to reserve energy to 'keep you safe', and thus takes away energy from the area of your brain not necessary in life or death situations - the prefrontal cortex - the part of the brain responsible for problem solving, critical thinking, communication etc.

Of course it makes sense then that when we are faced with challenges, and our stress response is activated, we have difficulty focusing, communicating our feelings, or finding a logical step forward toward the outcome we want. You feel 'stuck'. 

But it's not your fault - the brain is simply not receiving the energy it needs in the right areas to make those changes. And this is why even the smallest challenges can feel insurmountable. You feel exhausted and overwhelmed.

 So, WHAT CAN WE DO to CHANGE that?  

Answer: Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to reorganize by creating new neural connections over the lifespan. In other words, we can rewire our brain so that it's less apt to find and hold onto negative thoughts. We can wire the brain to stop perceiving each thought as a threat.

What you'll learn, is that simple brain exercises can physically shrink the amygdala - the part of the brain wired to find threats and activate the body's stress response - and grow the prefrontal cortex - the area of the brain responsible for things like critical thinking,  logic, problem solving, communication and more.

Many people go to the gym to build muscle and lose fat. In the same way, we can grow the prefrontal cortex and shrink the amygdala. This means we start operating less from the amygdala so our stress response isn't triggerd as often, and our prefrontal cortex can stay online to help us out when we need it most. 

When this happens, we REACT LESS and RESPOND MORE.

Which means we ultimately get to start choosing the thoughts we want and which thoughts we don't want - so that we can control when and how often the stress response is (or isn't) triggered. From there, we can create a state of INNER PEACE whenever we want - no matter what challenges we're met with in life - real or perceived.

In August 2022, I was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease  

I arrived to the ER by ambulance and spent 4 days in the ICU

I almost died due to undiagnosed Type 1 Diabetes - an autoimmune disorder that attacks my pancreas. I was told that I would be reliant on insulin injections for the rest of my life. And now needing to constantly monitor my blood sugar to keep me alive and out of the hospital, it meant that literally every moment of my life for the rest of my life would be changed. 

It would have been easy at this point, to react to the news with a spiral into thoughts of self-pity, despair and fear (operating from the amygdala) of all the ways it could go wrong and all the scary potential side effects such as loss of eyesight or even losing a limb.

But instead, I was able to keep my prefrontal cortex online - which means I was able to control my thoughts, stay present, and remain focused on what I need to do for the best possible outcome.

Sure, I had moments where I cried. We all need to release our emotions. I just ensured that these moments didn't become all the moments, because we can't operate at our best when our stress response has been triggered. Three months after my diagnosis, my medical team was amazed at how well I'd gotten everything under control - better than 90+% of their patients who have had this disease for years.

And it's all because of the brain exercises I've been studying, practicing (and teaching) for the last 13 years.

When you rewire your brain so you can control the constant loops of worry, anxiety, fear and self-doubt going through your mind (instead of being swept away by them) you gain the power to choose what you want to think, how you want to feel, and what you want your outcome to be.

You have the power within you - we all do - rewire your brain ultimately Make Life Better.

And Now I want to Share these Tools with YOU!  

Everything I've learned in the past 15 years, carefully curated into just 10 Weeks for YOU!


It was around that same time that I was introduced to the practices / brain exercises that I was speaking about above. These practices can include mindfulness, meditation, subconscious reprogramming and more. But don't let any of those names scare you away.

I'm a get-sh*t-done kinda gal, and it's important that anything I invest my energy into is going to give me REAL RESULTS, as fast as possible.

I've spent the last 15 years reading books. I've learned from some of the world's leaders in the neurscience and mindfulness space, (Dr. Dan Siegel, Dr. Rick Hanson, Dr. Shauna Shapiro, Dr. Chris Germer and more). I've spent weeks in silent meditation at a temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I've studied these practices at the University of Toronto and have worked with organizations in the field for almost a decade. I'm also a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner (reprogramming your subconscious).

What I found through all of this is... THESE PRACTICES WORK! 

And... it doesn't need to take 15 years of studying to get results. 

There are SO MANY exercises out there, and SO MUCH information. That in itself can feel overwhelming - and nobody needs any more of that, right?

So I've gone ahead and distilled down everything I've learned in that time, taken only the most effective pieces, and put it into a 10-week program for YOU!

So you can learn everything you need to rewire your brain, control your thoughts and create inner peace on demand - in just 10 weeks!

In Just 10 Weeks, You Could…

  • Discover how to access inner peace - whenever and wherever you need it most

  • Feel confident that you can handle life's challenging situations with more ease

  • Rewire your brain to overcome your personal mind traps and change the subconscious programming that has been keeping you 'stuck' 

  • Feel more joy, calm & peace of mind daily - no matter what life brings your way


Make Life Better

You Are Ready To Create Inner Peace on Demand?

This 10-week bootcamp will teach you everything you need to stop being a prisoner of your own thoughts and emotions, so you can experience inner calm whenever and wherever you are - no matter what difficulties life throws your way.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Recognize your personal Mind Traps and subconscious programming that keeps you stuck where you are (and how to change that)
  • Rewire your brain to decrease the activation of your stress response and keep you in peak form to handle all of life's challenges with more ease
  • Learn to control and transform the thought patterns that are currently holding you back
  • Experience more joy, success and peace in all areas of life

Simple, effective tools that literally anyone can learn quickly and easily will help you see life in a whole new way and ultimately - make life better.

What's Included...


Accepting Change & Possibility

If you're like most people, there are areas of your life that you've been struggling with for a long time. It may feel as though making change in these areas is not possible for you - that you've already tried everything. And that's simply not true. In this module we look at:

  • The Buddhist concept of impermanence and how it can be the ultimate catalyst for change in anyone's life
  • Our innate power within that allows us to change any and every part of our lives - even those 'icky' feelings within
  • How to open yourself up to change at the subconscious level so you can transform your 'icky' feelings to ones of calm, joy and inner peace 
  • A renewed sense of possibility, empowerment and excitement about what lays ahead.

Why We Are the Way We Are

Everything we experience today is a culmination of everything you've experienced in the past. This is called subconscious programming. Understanding your subconscious programming is an important part of creating change for your present and future. In this module you’ll experience:

  • How each of your life experiences have played a role in shaping who you are today
  • Which parts of your programming are no longer serving you
  • How we can begin the process of reprogramming your subconscious so you can create more peace within yourself
  • A new awareness of why you are the way you are, how this has helped you in the past, and what needs to change so you can experience your best version of life.

The Toolbox

Now that we can acknowledge the possibility of positive change and understand the past programming that has influenced who we are as our unique selves, we can begin to shift the narrative with ancient practices and neuro-reprogramming. In this module you'll experience:

  • The difference between brain, mind and self
  • How applied mindfulness and neuro linguistic programming can be used to make quick and lasting changes in your life
  • The neuroscientific evidence of how mindfulness works and how it can quite literally rewire your brain for positive change.
  • Simple tools you can start using now to affect the changes you desire
  • How the brain works, why you’re not as different from others as you thought, and how simple exercises can powerfully change your current state

Getting to Know Yourself

The only person that will be with you from the day you’re born until the day you die is… YOU! When you learn to develop a kind, compassionate relationship with yourself, everything changes. In this module you’ll experience:

  • How the relationship you have with yourself quite literally dictates how you see, feel, hear and experience the world around you. 
  • How developing a better relationship with yourself can positively affect your stress response
  • Applicable tools to help you overcome your negative self-talk and increase your self-worth (no matter how ‘bad’ you feel about yourself right now) 
  • The importance of a positive relationship with yourself (especially as you learn to reprogram your mind) and how that directly correlates to becoming stronger and more successful in all areas of your life

Uncovering your "Stories"

Now that you’re able to walk kindly with yourself through this process, we’ll start diving deeper. By nature, human beings love to tell stories. It's a way that we pass down information, share wisdom, or 'get things off our chest' when we've been through a negative experience. Unfortunately, our instinctual love for story-telling can have negative effects too. In this module you’ll experience:

  • How the stories we tell ourselves each day affect our stress response and well-being
  • Tools to slow the thoughts of worry, despair, regret, sadness, disappointment or anxiety that take up much of your mind space all day 
  • How to separate stories and feelings from straight facts - which on its own has a profound effect on the way you feel each day
  • A deeper understanding of how you see the challenges in your life, and how it may be negatively affecting your mood and motivation

The 6 Basic Mind Traps

Your mind loves to keep you ruminating on specific events, regrets, or worries for hours, days, months or even years which leads to increased and sometimes chronic stress, anxiety, depression or anger. In this module you’ll experience: 

  • An understanding of the 6 Mind Traps and how every thought of worry, anger, despair, disappointment, frustration, etc - can be categorized into at least one of the mind traps
  • Practice recognizing your mind’s repetitive stories as one of 6 common Mind Traps so you can release them more quickly 
  • The immediate relief you feel simply by acknowledging the Mind Trap you’re in
  • An understanding of one of the most powerful tools to bring yourself from a state of dis-ease to calm and peace

The Cure for Mind Traps

Now that you're getting used to identifying the 6 common Mind Traps, it's time to give you the antidote - aka the cure! In this module you'll experience: 

  • The 7 attitudes of mindfulness you can use to release yourself from the mind traps
  • A 6-step process to obliterate the mind traps when the attitudes of mindfulness just aren't doing it 
  • How quickly you can free yourself from the feelings of despair, stress, regret, anger, anxiety, worry, etc.
  • Gain a handy toolbox with everything you need ready to release those traps anywhere, anytime

How to Communicate Effectively

Often when we think about our communication skills, we automatically think about our ability (or lack thereof) to properly and consistently convey what we're trying to say to someone. But that’s only half the battle. In this module you’ll experience: 

  • Why an equally important part of communication is how we receive it from others
  • How the biggest aspect of receiving that communication well has nothing to do with the person speaking and everything to do with US
  • Tools for mindful listening and mindful perception and how they play a major role in all areas of your life (not just relationships)

Connecting to Emotional Wisdom

So far we've focused our learnings around our thoughts, how they are helping or hindering us, and useful tools to shift our negative thoughts into more positive ones. Now we're going to take a dive into emotions because… Thoughts cause emotions and emotions cause thoughts. In this module you’ll experience:

  • How to understand those emotions we sometimes feel but don’t know why we’re feeling them
  • How all emotions are valuable pieces of information that we can use to guide us to happier, calmer, more joyful ways of being. 
  • How to tune into your emotions and use them as wisdom to make better choices, gain wisdom in what needs to change and ultimately help you improve all areas of your life

Letting Go (to Let In)

By now, you've built a robust toolbox to help you change what has previously brought you down, be better equipped to handle life's challenges and actively create a more peaceful, calm and joyful life - no matter what life throws your way. However, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. "Bad" things have happened and will happen again. And sometimes, it's hard to let go of the negative feelings and emotions these situations bring.Unfortunately, the only person this hurts is you. In this module you’ll experience:

  • The effects that resisting letting go of negative situations and emotions has on your physical self
  • Understanding of what you ‘should’ hold onto and what you need to let go
  • New tools to help you let go of what doesn’t serve you so you can let in what does
  • A new and wonderful sense of inner calm, peace and freedom.

Which of the following describes you best?


1) You feel overwhelmed by all of the worry, anxiety, fear, self-doubt, anger, regret, and/or sadness that constantly play out in your mind - and you just want it to stop so you can finally feel happy, confident and enthusiastic about life

2) You’ve recently been given some devastating/life-changing news and you want to be able to handle it more effectively so you can get out of the thought spirals of despair, self-pity and/or fear about what this means for your future

3) You're constantly doubting your own abilities, wondering if things will ever really work out, and/or having difficulty focusing on the right steps you need to take to move yourself forward because things always feel so ‘difficult’

 4) You want to stop the negative thought spirals in your mind so you can experience life in a more joyful, fulfilling way


👉 No matter which one you identify with most, better equipping yourself to control and transform the thoughts in your mind so you can handle all of life’s challenges with more ease (a.k.a. building resilience) is the number one way to achieve greater success, better relationships, more fulfilling careers and ultimately make your life better - no matter what challenges life throws your way.

I'm Ready to Make Change!

This Program Is For You If...

  • You want to get rid of the negative thoughts inside your head including constant worry, self-doubt, regret and/or fear about the future
  • You want to stop using distractions such as meaningless work, scrolling social media, over indulging in food, alcohol or other 'recreational' drugs as a means to escape your thoughts
  • You're tired of feeling 'stuck'

  • You're ready to create inner peace that lasts, so can feel good and be 'happy' once and for all


I'm Kandis James

There was a time in my life, soon after college, when the constant loop of insecurities, worry, anxiety and fear that played out in my mind led me to drown out the noise the only way I knew how - gossip (drama), parties and way too much alcohol and drugs. 

Life felt exhausting and overwhelming. And I was not physically or mentally healthy.

Thankfully, I was introduced to the simple (not easy) practice of ‘staying present’. Although I didn’t get the hang of it right away, I understood its potential to change my life.

Since then, I've devoted the past 13 years to learning this tool as deeply as I can - not only to vastly improve my own life, but to help others improve their lives too. 

Now, I’m sharing the incredible knowledge and wisdom I’ve acquired over the years in a highly curated program designed to bring long lasting results quickly. Because let’s get real - even though I’m grateful for every moment, 13 years is a long time to create change. Instead, I’m going to help you see massive results in just 10 weeks. 

"I generally feel more in-control of my emotions. I know that I can't control what happens externally but I definitely have the tools to manage myself more effectively internally. This just generally helps me show up more positively which makes relationships with others and myself so much easier."

- Corey P.

I'm amazed at how I'm becoming more self aware. This is helping me in so much of life. I am being more patient with myself.

This is just a small part of how this program has impacted my life. Thank you, Kandis.

- Reet G.

"In just a few sessions with Kandis, I was able to see changes in myself and my life in ways I wasn't able to in over a year with my therapist."

Jason R.

"Kandis is UNBELIEVABLE!! Just wow. Kandis somehow manages to make my perceived problems seem so simple.

The best advice I have for you, only if you’re ready to change your life, of course... is RUN, don’t walk - straight to her.

I promise - she can help you."

- Christine A.

"I would definitely highly recommend the course. Kandis was very informative, professional and a joy to be around. 

I looked forward to every session as to what we'd be discussing and getting together with such a fun, open minded , non judgemental group."

- Dani R.

Kandis created an inviting and comfortable space for this course in which to share, learn and create a toolkit for helpful 'tools'. I loved the dynamic activities Kandis included to make sure each class was resonating for everyone in a variety of ways.

- Jenn L.










Make Life Better

10-Weeks to Inner Peace


What's included:

  1. Weekly Discovery Sessions (aka "classes") where you'll learn all the tools you need to control and transform the thought patterns that are holding you back. These live, interactive sessions (over Zoom) will include teachings from Kandis, experiential practices and group activities to help you integrate the teachings. Sessions will take place Thursdays @ 6pm - 8:30pm (Eastern time) beginning Thursday, January 19th, 2023.
  2. 6 x Group Coaching Calls where you have the opportunity to get coached by Kandis on any blocks you may have when it comes to implementing the learnings into your personal life situation. Calls will take place every other Tuesday @ 6pm - 7:30pm or 12pm - 1:30 pm (Eastern time) alternating every two weeks beginning Tuesday, January 24 @ 12pm ET
  3. Access to a private community group to connect with other members and receive support from Kandis as you implement the learnings each week.
  4. Life-time access to all content, resources and call recordings.
  5. Your opportunity to create inner peace on demand whenever and wherever you are, no matter what life brings your way.

Make Life Better


Prices shown in USD

When: Sessions Thursday, January 19, 2023 - Thursday, March 23, 2023.

Bonus 'wrap-up' coaching session Tuesday, March 28 @ 6pm - 7:30pm

Where: Online (via Zoom)


  • Weekly Discovery Sessions 
  • 6 x Group Coaching Calls
  • Private online community for support
  • Life-time Access to all content
  • Your chance to create inner peace on demand

We can start whenever you want with Make Life Better - Private Coaching. 12 weeks of one-on-one coaching with Kandis means more personalized time together and we can do it on your schedule.

👉 CLICK HERE for details.

"But Kandis, How can I be sure this will Work for Me?"

I get this question a lot. 

If you're like most of my clients when they come to me, you've tried a lot of things in the past and you haven't seen results. Do any of the following feel true for you? 

  • You've been seeing a therapist or a counsellor - but at times you wonder if they're even helping you because little has changed in your life. (click here to see my views on traditional talk therapy)
  • Maybe you've read, like, a million self help books but they don't deliver lasting results.
  • Your life situation is so full of stressful events that you just don't see how this could actually help, if the events around you don't (or can't) change. 
  • You feel hopeless because you've felt like this for so long, it's hard for you to believe things could actually be different.

I get it - because I've been in all of those situations. Books were great in theory (I've read a ton of them), but I didn't know how to apply them. And who could I ask my questions to?

I had also tried therapy. In 2016, I was struggling with PTSD from a near-death experience. So I hired a therapist. After two sessions, she said to me, "Kandis, you've got all the tools. What you've studied (applications of mindfulness) over the past few years is everything you need. You just need to apply these things to your own life. I'm happy to have you come back, but I don't think I can be much help." 

That's right, my own therapist, who I was paying $200+ per session for, fired me because she felt I already had all the tools I needed. 
Thankfully, it did help me apply my own learnings and I overcame the PTSD symptoms within weeks. WEEKS I tell you!! 

And the tools I used then are the same tools I'm going to show you how to use in this program. Yes, you can read books and more books, and study with the monks in Thailand, get your applied mindfulness certification at the University, and become a Neuro Linguistic Practitioner like I've done  - But why would you?! I have spent over $15k in trainings and 13 years of my life to get here. 

And now, I've put together all the most important pieces from all modalities I've learned to create a succinct program to get you the best results in the least amount of time. 

So... how do you know this will work? 

Here's the thing... what you've been doing in the past hasn't worked, has it? Of course not, or you wouldn't be here. 

If you want to see massive positive change in your life, you've got to try something new. Because what you've been doing, isn't working.

The skills you'll learn are part of an ancient practice, dating back thousands of years, that neuroscientists have proven time and time again have powerful positive effects on brain function, allowing you to literally rewire your brain to experience more positive feelings and emotions and handle all of life's challenges with more ease.

So, how do you know this will work? Because it's been proven. Over and over again for thousands of years. 


*DISCLAIMER: I am not a registered doctor, therapist or counsellor. I DO believe there is value in these services (hence why I hired one) and you should always seek professional medical advice if you are experiencing severe mental (or physical) health symptoms. 

  "In just a few sessions with Kandis, I was able to see changes in myself and my life in ways I wasn't able to in over a year with my therapist."

- Jason R.

 "I generally feel more in-control of my emotions. I know that I can't control what happens externally but I definitely have the tools to manage myself more effectively internally. This just generally helps me show up more positively which makes relationships with others and myself so much easier."

- Corey P.

  "I'm amazed at how I'm becoming more self aware. This is helping me in so much of life. I am being more patient with myself.

This is just a small part of how this program has impacted my life. Thank you, Kandis." 

- Reet G.


Got More Questions?

I've got answers.

Are you ready to FINALLY feel GOOD on a regular basis?

Then do something awesome for yourself and enrol in Make Life Better today. I'm so excited to see you on the inside!

xo, Kandis

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