$495.00 CAD

Fear Not What You Already Are - Black Frame - 38 x 20

A poem by artist, Kandis James

Fear Not What You Already Are

A looming shadow
From the moment you are born,
You are moving toward it
We fear it
We live our lives in a quest to avoid it
But we also forget to live
Because we fear the unknown
And yet
Death is but a venture,
Outside our physical body of skin
It's where we were before
And it's a return to there again
We fear it
But how can we fear becoming
What we already have been?
What we already are?
What we already know we will be again?
Fear not what you already are

- Kandis James

About the product: This digital artwork is printed on high quality art paper with a beautiful black frame. If you prefer the art on canvas, or would like a different size, please contact Kandis.

Shipping: All artwork is printed and shipped by an external company. Shipping is currently available in USA and CANADA only. If you would like international shipping, please contact Kandis.